Federation of Fly FishersSince 2003 the Federation of Fly Fishers has helped co-produce The New Fly Fisher. The reason for this amalgamation of energies is simple. We share the same values, principles and passions - to help educate people of all ages about fly-fishing and conservation. The FFF will assist in creative development of episodes, technical advice and also in providing us with some great fly-fishing legends as guests. Our goal is to tape 1/3 of our shows for warm water species, 1/3 on saltwater techniques and 1/3 on coldwater fly-fishing. Our locations will be accessible and affordable. We want to provide fly fishers throughout the USA and Canada with a balanced mix of educational episodes that will help them become better fly fishers for all species, all waters and in all conditions.

A Message from Phil Greenlee, President and Chairman of the FFF BOD:

The Federation of Fly Fishers is an international service organization dedicated to the betterment of the sport of fly-fishing through Conservation and Education. The FFF and its Councils are the only organized advocate for fly fishers on the national and regional level.

Each year the Federation sponsors a Conclave that is simply the greatest fly fishing educational opportunity of the year in the nation. Slide shows, workshops, fly tying demonstrations. Perhaps you take an in-stream workshop alongside fly-fishing legends such as Mike Lawson. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bob Jacklin, Gary Grant, on and on. This is also where the dedicated meet each year to help raise funds for the many worthwhile efforts of the Federation of Fly Fishers. Go to the FFF website where you will be able to find out about upcoming Conclaves, the dates, the locations, and the themes. In fact, should you be interested you will be able to sign up right on the FFF website for the workshops and the variety of other Conclave functions. In the meantime, check out what was said about our past Conclaves, and read about the upcoming Conclave.

Please visit our website and consider joining. By doing so you will have the opportunity to contribute, with your membership and your voice, to fishery conservation and restoration for all fish in all waters.