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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Accessible Algoma Most great fly fishing destinations in North America are expensive and difficult to access. The Algoma region, on the other hand, which is located centrally in northern Ontario, is neither expensive nor difficult to access and offers a cornucopia of fly...

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French River Muskie

The French River in northeastern Ontario holds a special magic for muskie anglers —filled with great structure such as weedy bays, inlets, sunken humps and drop-offs. The river, which runs between Lake Nipissing and Georgian Bay, is also known for its trophy-sized walle...

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Addicted to Popper Flies

Poppers for Bronzebacks Okay, confession time. I have boxes and boxes of popper flies, way more than I can use in my lifetime. Searching out and buying poppers is almost like an addiction. Every time I go into a fly shop anywhere in the world, I check out their selection of poppers...

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Brook Trout with Attitude

Labrador Brook Trout Essentials. Labrador brook trout have chiseled out an existence in one of the most rugged and spectacular environments in the world. Over time, these char have evolved into aggressive predators capable of consuming a variety of prey, from small mayflies and cad...

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The Double Haul

by Bill Spicer The double haul enables casting incredibly long distances and helps deal with wind more effectively. However, learning it has frustrated many fly fishers, as, initially, it feels as awkward as patting the top of your head while rubbing your stomach in a circle at the same ...

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Epic Smallmouth Bass

The Hunt for a Record I caught my first smaouth bass on a four weight rod. At the time it seemed like I had hooked into a record brookie, but when I finally netted the fish, which turned out to be  a two pound smallmouth,  I realized bass fly fishing was maybe something I shou...

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Wild Brook Trout of Algoma

Crown Jewels of the North by Colin McKeown Ever since I began to fly fish in the early 1990s, wild brook trout have been very special to me. Wild brook trout can survive only in clean, clear and unpolluted waters – something usually only found in pristine wilderness locations...

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Streamers for Big Trout

By Colin McKeown In 2000, when I was taping the first season of The New Fly Fisher, I travelled to Michigan to do a show with Bob Linsenman and Kelly Galloup, whose recent book, Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout, had rocked the fly fishing commu...

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Steel in Small Streams

Fall-run Great Lakes Steelhead By Chris Marshall The streams at the eastern end of Lake Ontario which feature steelhead runs are mainly small. There are a few exceptions, such as the Salmon River, on the New York side, but almost all the bigger rivers are too warm in summer ...

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Chasing Midsummer Smallmouths

Crooked Lake by Chris Marshall Located in the south-east corner of the Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada, Crooked Lake is little more than 50 miles north of the city of Peterborough. Yet it is as pristine and untouched as the lakes of the Canadian Shield far to the nor...

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Affordable and Accessible Atlantic Salmon

By Colin McKeown I have had a strong attachment to Atlantic salmon fishing since I hooked my first fish on Nova Scotia’s Margaree River nearly 20 years ago. With their aggressive surface takes, acrobatic jumps and reel screaming runs, Atlantic salmon have cons...

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Addicted to Pike

by Colin McKeown My  love of fishing began very early, when I was only five or six. At my parents cottage I loved to use a bobber and worm to catch bass off the dock. The one day as I reeled in a small rock bass, a long shape lunged out from under our dock and ripped the fish off my hook. The ki...

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This Fly Shop Has Everything

Misty Mountain Fly Shop

Misty Mountain Fly Shop, situated on the Trans-Canada highway, just west of Sault Ste Marie, is the ideal destination for fly fishers who want diversity in their fishing. The staff at the shop can direct you to great locations for a multitude of...

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Exceptional Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Birch Lake Resort

Catching smallmouth bass on a fly rod is truly an anglers' delight. To find bass that average 3-4 lbs and that will willingly come to fly – that is indeed a special place. Nestled in Algoma Country, only an hour or so from Sault Ste Marie, Birch Lake Resort is ...

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Legendary Arctic Char

Nunavik Arctic Char

by Bill Spicer For years I've heard of the legendary arctic char fishing in Northern Quebec, and wanted to travel there. But for some reason I never could get up there, until recently when I filmed an episode of The New Fly Fisher television show at Rapid L...

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Wild Brook Trout

Wilderness North, James Bay

A unique system of lodges and outposts located off  James Bay in Northern Ontario provides fly fishers with some very special fishing opportunities: access to incredible trout streams and rivers. The Albany Rivershed

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Trophy Bass, Pike and Musky

Anderson's Lodge, Sioux Lookout

For anglers who are looking for that perfect place to experience wilderness fishing but don’t want a fly-in location, Anderson's Lodge in NW Ontario is your best bet. Host Bill Spicer from The New Fly Fisher

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Stream Run Brook Trout

Nagagami Lake Lodge

Nagagami Lodge is the perfect get-away for fly fishers, with access to wonderful stream brook trout!. Located in beautiful Algoma Country in Northern Ontario, and blessed with fantastic northern pike fishing, this lake system also has a great s...

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Northern Pike Fly-in

Brace Lake Outfitters 

For fly fishers who love to catch BIG pike on a fly, Brace Lake Outfitters is the place you want to go. The lake system has huge pike and walleye, which has made it famous with all types of anglers. The fly-in facil...

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Techniques for Freshwater Drum

By Chris Marshall The Fish The freshwater drum or sheepshead (Aplodinotus grunniens) is the only member of the Sciaenidae family which lives in fresh water. All the rest, including the prized red drum or red fish as commonly called, live in salt or brackish ...

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Labrador Brook Trout

By Bill Spicer with Colin McKeown Big brook trout are my favorite fish, and Labrador is the best place to fish for them, where they can be taken on everything from nymphs and dries to mouse imitations and streamers. The brook trout is one of the most incredibly beautiful creatures in ...

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Stalking Spring Carp

by Chris Marshall The water of the shallow cove was clear and unruffled, shimmering in the afternoon sunshine. It was unusually hot for early May.  I was standing in the shallows of a wide bay, camouflaged among the dry stalks of last year’s cattails, absolutely motionless.  Across the ba...

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Steelhead fly fishing in Huron County

Spring and Fall Steelhead

Located in southern Ontario, Huron County is blessed with numerous excellent rivers that have strong and consistent runs of steelhead in the spring and fall. Mike Verhoef from Fly Fitters Guide Service can take fly fishers on a number of great adv...

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Remote wilderness getaway

Cedar Island Lodge – Bass, Pike & Musky

For anglers looking for a great getaway with access to a multitude of warm-water species, Cedar Island Lodge in NW Ontario is the place to go! Their lake system is blessed with numerous pike and musky which are tremendous to catch on a fly. For...

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Pristine fishery for brook trout and smallmouth bass

The Mattawa Fly Fishing Experience

Mattawa, located just north of Ontario’s renowned Algonquin Park, is a fly fishing destination which is not particularly well known. Yet it lies just off the trans-Canada highway, making it readily accessible, and affordable. It's an area of pristine wi...

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Trout and Pike in the heart of Algoma Country

MarMac Lodge – Brook Trout & Pike

Bill Spicer from The New Fly Fisher loves to catch brook trout and pike. The place to go is MarMac Lodge in northern Ontario in the heart of Algoma Country. This beautiful lodge located on Esnagi Lake possesses incredible pike and walleye fi...

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Soft Hackle Wets, part 2

Soft Hackle Wets, Part 2 by Chris Marshall More than a Simple Hackle While all the main nineteenth century writers emphasise the importance of soft hackled flies without wings, they also incorporated sparse, soft wings on many of their patterns. In man...

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The Curve Cast

by Bill Spicer As fly fishers we are constantly seeking different ways of presenting the fly in order to get the optimum drag-free cast and to avoid spooking the fish. The curve cast is an effective way of doing this, for it enables the caster to place the line and leader on the water wi...

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Bright Chrome on the Maitland River

Maitland River – Fall Steelhead

The fall is a time of change in Ontario—beautiful coloured leaves, cooler days, and best of all—steelhead! Bright chrome steelhead migrate up rivers from the Great Lakes throughout Ontario. One wonderful place to catch them is the Maitland River in sou...

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Great Wilderness Fly Fishing Without a Fly-in

Auld Reekie Lodge

For great wilderness fly fishing without a fly-in, Auld Reekie Lodge in NE Ontario is the place! Located north of Sudbury, Auld Reekie has accommodations to meet every need. From condos to individual cabins, from full meal plans to do-it-yourself, anglers can ta...

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Soft Hackled Wet Flies: Then and Now

By Chris Marshall The only flies I used when I first began to fiddle with a fly rod were sparsely-tied, soft-hackled patterns. I grew up in a moorland valley in the southwest corner of Yorkshire. As far back as I can remember, I was fascinated by the river whi...

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Thunder Bay’s Incredible Steelhead Runs

Lake Superior has some amazing steelhead runs, and some of the best are located in and around Thunder Bay, Ontario. For anglers looking for affordable steelhead fishing and lots of river options, this is the place. Within a few hours drive of Thunder Bay and even right in the heart of the city, the ...

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Northern Pike on a Fly

Esnagami Lake Lodge

Catching big northern pike on a fly is one of the true highs an anglers dreams of. At Esnagami Lake Lodge in Northern Ontario, making dreams into reality is their specialty. Eric & Sue Lund run the lodge and are both hardcore anglers and fly fishers. They know where...

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Fly Fishers’ Cornucopia

The St. Mary’s Rapids, Sault Ste. Marie

By Bill Spicer I first visited Sault Sainte Marie in the early 1990’s with two friends and fell in love with the rapids instantly. In my travels with The New Fly Fisher TV show, I’m often asked to name the best fishing spot...

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Wilderness Retreat for Fly Fishers & Families

Agnew Lake Lodge

For fly fishers and their families who are looking for a great wilderness retreat that is a drive-to, one of the best is Agnew Lake Lodge in Northeastern Ontario. The lodge has beaches, water activities, hiking trails and much more. But what most people come for...

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Remote Fly Fishing Outposts

Air Ivanhoe

One of the biggest air charter services in Ontario is Air Ivanhoe, located near Foleyet in Northeastern Ontario. They have access with their floatplanes to literally dozen of excellent smallmouth bass and northern pike lakes. Each of these lakes has a remote outpost which is pe...

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Credit River Trophy Browns

For many fly fishers catching a brown trout on a dry fly, streamer or nymph is like nirvana. One of the least known locations in Ontario for big browns is the Upper Credit River near Orangeville. Graham Bristow from A Perfect Drift Guide Service located in Orangeville has been fishing the waters of ...

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Niche Lines – More Great Choices for Stillwater Trout

Line Choice and Related Techniques for Manitoba Parklands, Part 2

by Phil Rowley Special Floaters With the basic suite of a floating line, a clear intermediate and a fast sinking type V line in your kit bag, there are other fly lines wo...

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Lake Erie Record Smallmouth

Lake Erie has been producing some record-sized smallmouth bass over the past ten years. The shallow flats and rocky shoals on the Ontario side of the lake has become a favourite haunt of fly fishers who want a shot at catching smallmouth that weig...

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4 Essential Line Choices for Stillwater Trout

Line Choice and Related Techniques for Manitoba Parklands, Part 1 by Phil Rowley Since my first introduction to the Parklands region of S.W. Manitoba over 10 years ago pilgrimages to this stillwater trout Mecca have become an annual event. Over the past five years, I...

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5 Topwater Secrets for Smallmouth Bass

Little Known & Deadly Secrets for Catching More Bass There is something almost magical about watching a large smallmouth bass enhale your popper off the surface. Sometimes they gently sip it down, but often they explosively hammer it…it’s all part of why catching bass on a topwate...

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The Trout Lakes of Manitoba’s Parkland

A Stillwater Trout Mecca by Phil Rowley Not many Canadian fly fishers, and even fewer south of the border, would identify Manitoba as blue ribbon trout country, yet the Parkland region of the province, west of Winnipeg, boasts trout lakes which rival the best in the world, regu...

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Best of Pike & Bass on a Fly

Camp Narrows Lodge, Northern Ontario Catching large northern pike or big smallmouth bass is always a thrill but catching them on a fly rod and fly…. that is the ultimate experience. That is why I am always in search of new locations that have trophy-sized fish. For years I have heard abo...

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Dura-Lar Streamers For Toothy Predators

If we could only get inside the mind of the fish, some important aspects of their feeding behavior, feeding preferences, and basic trigger mechanisms would suddenly become painstakingly clear to us. However, until that happens, we will have to remain satisfied brooding and speculating over what it i...

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