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Algoma Country is located in central Northern Ontario Canada. This is a fly fisher’s dream destination. Comprised of 25,000 square miles of wilderness and thousands of lakes, rivers and streams, this pristine land has both accessible and affordable fishing opportunities. Unlike most destinations, you can drive, take the train or fly to Algoma for a very reasonable cost. The same can be said about the fishing. This is world-class fishing without the high costs. You can catch trophy-sized Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike, Steelhead, Walleye, Lake Trout and the crown jewel of the North – Brook Trout! This is a place where you can fish and enjoy peace and solitude.

Algoma is blessed with a wide variety of game fish that are trophy-sized and plentiful. For those that love fly fishing, this is truly heaven! You can catch big Brook Trout on dry flies, aggressive Northern Pike on streamers, acrobatic Steelhead on nymphs and massive Smallmouth Bass on poppers! Below are listed some of the exciting species available in Algoma along with locations & operators who can help set you up on an exciting fishing trip!


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Pristine, wilderness smallmouth bass fishing is affordable and accessible in Algoma.

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Northern Pike


Algoma possesses some incredible Northern Pike fly fishing.

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Algoma Country is located centrally in northern Ontario, is neither expensive.

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Brook Trout

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