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This beautiful Orvis Endorsed Lodge is very popular with fly fishers because of the outstanding fishing, accommodations and service. In fact, this lodge won the Orvis Endorsed Lodge of the Year in 2019 (plus has won numerous other awards). Besides the main lake, there are 19 walk-to lakes with boats on them for guests to use. The topwater bass action here is incredible with the added bonus is catching Northern Pike as well. Thanks to their total catch & release policy for over 20 years, the opportunity to catch trophy-sized fish every day is virtually assured. While shooting TV shows there, our hosts have even caught numerous walleye on a fly between 27-30 inches in length! Al Linder loves this fishery and comes back year after year as do we. Fantastic accommodations, chef prepared meals, guides and the best of service….it is easy to see why Ted Putnam and his wife Virginia have built Hawk Lake Lodge into one of the top destinations in Canada!

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