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The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing is a 13 part documentary television series that teaches the fundamentals of fly fishing for all species, in all waters. Its purpose is simple: to demystify fly fishing, make it fun and clearly demonstrate it is both accessible and affordable to anglers. The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing is the new source for helping educate potential fly fishers around the world. Author and well known celebrity angler Tom Rosenbauer hosts the series and helps anglers of all ages to clearly understand the basics of fly fishing – no matter where they live. This series will provide viewers with all the necessary tools to get started – essentially the 101 of fly fishing. Best of all, it is easy and enjoyable to watch! Subscribe here:

Episode 1 - Fly Fishing Basics & Getting Started

Tom Rosenbauer

In this informative episode host Tom Rosenbauer teaches the essentials of fly fishing. From the origins of fly fishing to how inexpensive it is to get started, this fascinating video will help you to understand more about fly fishing.

Episode 2 - Wet Flies & Nymphs

Tom Rosenbauer

In this unique episode Tom Rosenbauer covers the basics of using wet flies and nymphs to catch trout. From fly selection to presentation options, Tom details all the essentials you need to get started.

Episode 3 - Dry Fly Fishing Basics

Tom Rosenbauer

Dry fly fishing is visually exciting and is motivates many people to begin fly fishing. However, doing it right is not easy and it can be frustrating if you don’t know some basics. Host Tom Rosenbauer covers all the essentials of dry fly fishing which will help you to become more effective on the water.

Episode 4 - Reading the Water

Tom Rosenbauer

The importance of reading the water for fly fishers and all anglers cannot be stressed enough. In this special episode host Tom Rosenbauer goes into great detail to help anglers to understand the essentials using animations, graphics and underwater video. A must see video for all anglers who are keen to enjoy success!

Episode 5 - Streamer Fly Fishing

Tom Rosenbauer

Streamer fishing is visually exciting and one of the best ways to hunt for trophy trout. In this episode host Tom Rosenbauer explains in great detail all the fundamentals you need to know. This video includes: understanding why trout eat batifish, what streamers to choose and why, flylines choices and much more!

Episode 6 - Fly Fishing on Moving Water

Tom Rosenbauer

Understanding the dynamics of rivers and streams is critical to your success on the water. Host Tom Rosenbauer breaks down the essentials of moving water with easy to understand information that will help make you a better angler.

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