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From fantasy fishing in the Bahamas to affordable world-class fishing in Northern Ontario (Algoma Country), this season is all about exploring new and exciting fishing destinations.

Episode 1 - Kag Lake Pike

Destination: Algoma Country Host: Bill Spicer

Kag Lake in Northern Ontario is famous for Giant Northern Pike. Best of all, they are usually in shallow water – perfect for fly fishers! Bill Spicer travels to this great location to catch some monsters on a fly.

Episode 2 - Steelhead of Sault Ste Marie

Destination: Algoma Country Host: Bill Spicer

The St Marys River in Sault Ste Marie is famous for the number of fish that come up throughout the year. In this episode the focus is on steelhead fishing. Great instructional show!

Episode 3 - Fireside Lodge

Destination: Northwestern Ontario Host: Bill Spicer

Bill Spicer travels to a fantastic drive-to lodge in NW Ontario called Fireside Lodge. The lodge is on the very productive waters of Vermillion Lake.

Episode 4 - Crooks Lake Lodge

Destination: Newfoundland & Labrador Host: Rebekka Redd

The New Fly Fisher travels to the wilds of Labrador to visit Crooks Lake Lodge to fly fish for big Brook Trout. Great show and incredible dry fly action.

Episode 5 - Kesagami Pike

Destination: Ontario Host: Bill Spicer

Host Bill Spicer travels to NE Ontario to fish the famous waters of Lake Kesagami. This watershed is known for the massive pike and walleye it possesses. Best of all, the fish are in shallow water!

Episode 6 - Tuckamore Lodge

Destination: Newfoundland Host: Rebekka Redd

Host Rebekka Redd travels to northern Newfoundland in search of wild run Atlantic Salmon. She is the guest of Barb Genge and her staff at Tuckamore Lodge. This beautiful and cozy lodge is ideally located to allow anglers access to some great fishing but also sightseeing for whales and icebergs.

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