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Fly fishing for Northern Pike & Musky is so much fun! These larger voracious predators are abundant and readily available throughout Ontario, especially in Northern Ontario. The following educational television shows will teach you how and where you can fly fish for trophy-sized pike & musky. We strongly recommend all the lodges and outfitters listed below.

Lodges & Outfitters:


Agich’s Kaby Kabins

This cozy camp locate on Kaby Lake has access to some great pike and walleye fishing.

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Alexander’s on Rowan Lake

Alexander’s on Rowan Lake is a comfortable lodge with some of the BEST Musky fishing to be had!

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Algoma Angling – Adam Vallee

Adam Vallee is very experienced fishing all seasons, all species and in all weather conditions

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Birch Lake Resort

Great cottages and access to superlative smallmouth bass fishing, Birch Lake Resort is hard to beat.

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Bowman Island Charters

Incredible fishing for trophy size Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Steelhead and Northern Pike.

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Brace Lake Outfitters

Brace Lake Outfitters has a fabulous facility nestled in a remote wilderness location.

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Brennan Harbour Resort

Brennan Harbour Resort's is a great choice for those wanting to hunt big Lake Huron smallmouth.

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Camp Narrows Lodge

Great smallmouth bass fishing with poppers

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Century Lodge

Outstanding wilderness fishing at drive-to location with lots of great fishing

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Crow Rock Lodge

Located in NW Ontario, Crow Rock Lodge has access to incredible Musky, Bass & Northern Pike.

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Errington’s Wilderness Island Lodge

This lake is well-known for the numbers of pike you can catch on a fly rod.

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Esnagami Wilderness Lodge

This lodge has great fishing all season long for big Northern Pike, Walleye and Brook Trout.

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Fireside Lodge

This drive-to lodge has incredible Northern Ontario fishing that is affordable and accessible.

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Hawk Lake Lodge

Outstanding fly fishing for smallmouth, walleye and pike.

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Hearst Air Service

Hearst Air Service has fantastic wilderness fishing trips for pike and walleye.

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Kag Lake Lodge

Kag Lake is located near Nakina Ontario and has lake trout, walleye and pike fishing.

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Kesagami Lake Wilderness Lodge

It is world famous for the large Northern Pike and Walleye it possesses.

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Laurentian Lodge

Located in Northern Ontario near Elliot Lake, you can easily drive to this palatial lodge.

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Lauzon Air Service

Lauzon Aviation have numerous remote outposts that feature great pike and walleye fishing.

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Lauzon Resort & Marina

Clean, comfortable accommodations just off the Trans-Canada Hwy for trophy fishing

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Lodge Eighty Eight

Fantastic fly fishing for pike and walleye plus their accommodations and food are 1st class.

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Mar Mac Lodge

Mar Mac Lodge has been providing the highest quality fishing trips available in Ontario for over 35

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Merkels Camp

Merkels Camp is located on Wabigoon Lake which is famous for huge bass, pike and musky.

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North Superior Charters – Lake Nipigon

Giant pike and brook trout on a fly, remote outpost

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Onaman River Resort

Great fly fishing for pike, brook trout and lake trout.

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Pine Portage Lodge

Kaby Lake has excellent fly fishing for pike with the best time of the year being May and June.

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Red Pine Wilderness Lodge

Renowned for its incredible Walleye and Smallmouth Bass fisher, this lake also has trout.

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Seven Lakes Wilderness Camps

Best of remote outpost fishing on wilderness lakes

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Waterfalls Lodge

This great drive-to facility is loved by anglers and families alike because it is so accessible.

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Watsons Kaby Lakes

Beautiful lodge on Kaby Lake for nice big pike!

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